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LPG safety tips

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General Safety Guidelines

When using LPG, taking proactive steps to minimize the risk of accidents can go a long way:

  • Keep windows open to ventilate your kitchen
  • Do not place flammable or plastic items near the flame
  • Do not leave gas appliances turned on without constant supervision
  • Turn pan handles away from the flame
  • All domestic gas appliances legally sold in Hong Kong bear a GU mark – certifying that they were produced under recognized international safety standards and have passed the local quality assurance audits. Installation, replacement and maintenance of gas appliances must be carried out by registered gas installers.

Emergency handling of gas leaks

Stenching agents are added to LPG for easy detection of gas leaks. If you detect gas leaks, you should immediately turn off the main switches of the gas meters, extinguish all naked flames, and open all windows and doors. Do not operate any electrical switches or use your telephone near the gas leak. From a safe distance, call the 24-hr Emergency Hotline:
2435 4511

If the gas leak is serious, leave the premises immediately and notify your neighbours to evacuate (but do not press any doorbells). Call the 24-hr Emergency Hotline above and dial 999 to alert the Fire Services Department.

Know more about safety inspection of LPG appliances
Esso/Mobil LPG
Useful hotline numbers
Customer service hotline:
800 933 696
24-hr Emergency hotline:
2435 4511