Supply reliability

Supply reliability

We are committed to providing our customers with supply reliability.

Through our robust, integrated network of refineries, pipelines, and terminals, we strive to supply our customers with the fuels they need, where they need them.

Our dedicated product quality team follows industry-leading processes to ensure product integrity is maintained from refinery production to terminal loading. Our commitment is that all the fuels we supply are in strict compliance with applicable governmental laws, rules and regulations.

Supply reliability is about offering our customers peace of mind, product availability, integrity and a commitment to the highest standards of business operations.

HK Terminal address:

Tsing Yi West Terminal

19 Tsing Keung St.
Tsing Yi Island
Hong Kong

Tsing Yi East Terminal
Lot.46, Tsing Yi Road
Tsing Yi Island
Hong Kong

  • health safety environment
    Health, safety & environment

    We are committed to the highest safety, health and environmental standards – and we maintain strict procedures at all of our facilities.

  • Ease of doing business
    Ease of doing business

    We are committed to enhancing your experience with us. It’s a goal embedded across our entire supply chain, and an area of consistent focus.

  • Customer solutions
    Customer solutions

    Our goal is to add value to your business by providing solutions that can enhance your operations.

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